The IN-SET for the New Teachers and Staff Begins at Manresa School

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Last July 11, 2022, Manresa School held its in-service training for the new teachers and staff in preparation for the opening of the new school year. Before the start of the talks on the first day, the Principals- Srs. Gemma Doguiles and Edhen Paranga, and the Assistant Principals, Miss Yolanda Cruz, Miss Imelda Solivet, and Mr. Emson Petilla introduced themselves to the new teachers and staff.  Read this in SpanishLéelo en español.

The first talk was on "Getting to Know St. Candida Maria de Jesus" which was given by Sr. Lee Uera. It was a whole morning activity, with a presentation of real pictures and sceneries of the events and places of Mother Candida, and music video presentations of her sayings as performed by sisters, teachers, and lay collaborators. She also introduced to them the characteristic traits of Mother Candida’s charism and spirituality which would be the basis for the next topics during the training, as well as, getting into the life of a school founded from the inspiration with which God gifted Mother Candida. 

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In the afternoon, the Elementary and High School Principals, Srs. Gemma and Edhen alternately introduced the new faculty to “Our Characteristic way of Educating” or OCWE which is the foundational principle of FI’s education. This session proved to be enlightening for them because they got to know the moving spirit behind our manner of educating our students.

The second day's session was on the Vision-Mission of the School presented and expounded by Mr. Eleazar Solas. This too was an eye-opener for them because it helped them understand the mission of the school. This was followed by the presentation on the salaries and other financial packages that the school offers to them which were explained by Sr. Cecilia Solis, the school treasurer.

After these initials day of training, Mr. Patrick Bugay, the Pastoral Ministry Coordinator gave them an orientation in preparation for their Retreat which was held at Manresa Retreat House on July 13-16, 2022.