Manresa School Staff Annual Retreat 2022


The Manresa School Staff had two and a half days of retreat last July 13-16, 2022 at Manresa Retreat House, Quezon City with Sr. Bema Solis as Retreat Facilitator. After one week of enrolment, the staff took these days for a pause from work to encounter the Lord and themselves so that they could be more disposed personally and spiritually for the new school year.




At the orientation in school before the retreat...


Some impressions and realizations:

I had wonderful experiences in our Annual Retreat because I had lots of time to talk and be with God. In this retreat, I felt blessed with many gifts: the gift of friends/my roommate, a gift of a wonderful life, good food, and a good facilitator. In almost three days of stay at the retreat house, I had enough rest because I slept early, and also because I had a good and relaxing room.  Barbara

My realizations in this retreat: Somehow, before I experienced spiritual dryness, but during my retreat, I felt the work of the Holy Spirit on me. This opened my heart and deepened my understanding of my faith. These two and a half days of our retreat helped and led to a closer relationship with God and to knowing more about Him.  Cheche

Our retreat enlightened me in my deepest desire in life. My faith has grown stronger. I was reminded that in everything I do, I do it for the greater glory of the Lord.

Every time that I have problems and pains, my solution is to put God at the center of my life, then everything that I do flows naturally. It is not forced. I do not need to overanalyze this situation because I have a direction. God is always there for me and this gives me assurance. Thank you to Manresa School, and to Sr. Bema Solis for this kind of blessing that we receive yearly. Jeneva


This retreat refreshed me and gave me the opportunity to spend more time in prayer and contemplation. It rekindled and deepened my relationship with God. It renewed the spiritual life. I felt comfortable and relaxed in our retreat. Thank you for this gift!  Grace

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Two men and a sister