Blessing of the Renovated Rooms at Tahanan Candida Maria de Jesus

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     The bedrooms in the second floor of Tahanan Candida Maria de Jesus facing Mater Dei, underwent complete renovation for the purpose of providing comfort room and bathroom for each room. After eleven months of strenuous and uninterrupted labor of the workers under the supervision of Engr. Erwin Ong and his son the most awaited completion of this project came to reality which gave joy and great delight to everybody. This is one of the most precious gifts that the Lord graciously gave to the community in the celebration of the closing of its Silver Jubilee last May 31, 2022.

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     On July 19, 2022 the blessing of the renovated bedrooms and the spacious and beautiful terrace took place. A very meaningful and soul-lifting Para-Liturgical Rite was prepared for this particular occasion. What made the rite meaningful was the text taken from Proverbs which states: “Homes are built on the foundation of wisdom and by understanding they are established. Where there is knowledge the rooms are furnished with valuable and beautiful things.” Proverbs 24:3-4)

     And the text from the 2nd Book of Chronicle was very significant, challenging and worth pondering. It states: “I will watch over this temple and be ready to hear all the prayers that are offered here, because I have chosen and consecrated it as the place where I will be worshiped forever. I will watch over it and protect it for all time.” (2 Chronicle 7: 15-16)

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     After the Prayer for Blessing, Sr. Emelinda Falsis,F.I. sprinkled the terrace and all the bedrooms with the holy water as we accompanied her with our lighted candles. Engr. Ong and his son joined us.



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     When all the rooms were blessed, the touching message of Mother Foundress was read which made us feel her real presence. She said: “I am glad that the renovation of the house is already finished. God’s providence is great and He never fails us if we truly trust in Him. I thank you for everything you did to finish the repair rapidly so that the sisters can already transfer to their respective bedrooms. May God bless you and those who were behind the work. The sisters in this community and myself are sending our loving regards to all of you. So long my daughters. You know I want you to be very holy and I bless you all. (Letter to Sr. Antonia Beloque ).

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     To create an atmosphere of festivity the blessing was followed by a sharing of simple snacks in the refectory.