Manresa School Faculty, Coordinators, and Administrators Retreat


Manresa School faculty, coordinators, and lay administrators took a respite from work to have their retreat in Manresa Retreat House, Quezon City before the formal in-service training commenced this school year. Following the health and safety protocols, the faculty were divided into two groups and had their two-and-a-half days of retreat on July 18-20, and July 20-22 respectively.  The coordinators and lay administrators composed another group and had their retreat days on July 18-22, 2022. Read this in Spanish. Leelo en español.


Sr. Cathy Cheong facilitated the retreat of the coordinators and administrators while Sr. Lillian Lim and Sr. Ma. Leoly Quitorio handled separately the two groups of faculty.  Retreat activities and assembly sessions were scheduled for inputs and points for prayer. Enough time in the morning and afternoon was given for personal reading of the scriptures, meditation, prayer, and journal writing. Individual conferences were full as almost everyone wanted to tell their stories and journey of faith to their respective facilitators. During the retreat, everyone tried to remain silent in order to reflect inwardly and make the most out of the great opportunity to experience and be with God once again.    

The faculty concluded their retreat with a sharing of the most memorable experiences and realizations and also expressing the grace that one needs during the school year with a promise of doing something in order to receive the desired grace and become more faithful to God.

            The coordinators and administrators ended their retreat with a prayer rite. The rite is about the offering of their commitment for the entire school year through a lighted candle and silent prayer.

After two years of the pandemic, everyone felt profound joy for this sought-after opportunity to go on a retreat once again. For a heart that longs for God, every retreat is grace-filled, meaningful, and transformative.  God is generous and His grace is abundant. 





 Everyone had prayed, begged, let go, and allowed d in His own moment to give us the grace that we need and desire.  Indeed, God had refilled our empty pockets, recharged our drained batteries, quenched our thirsts, watered our withered souls, and gave warmth to our tired minds and hearts during our retreat.  Amidst the rains and storms brought by the pandemic, He also showed us sunshine, blossoms, and blessings that inspire and propel us to nourish our spirit and appreciate life once more. 

Our vacation with the Lord is over, but we bring home the memory of the good food, good rest, good accommodation, good place, and great people as blessings that made us see, feel, and experience over and over again the love, mercy, patience, kindness, and forgiveness of God, our loving Father. Thank you very much Manresa School sisters for our retreat and thank you also MRH community for accompanying us with your prayers. With God’s grace, we continue to walk in His ways to fulfill His calling and mission with steadfast love, stronger faith, and renewed spirit.