Hijas Schools Unified Strategic Planning


   The Hijas de Jesus schools in the Philippines took part in a webinar on July 26, 2022, with the topic, “Hijas Schools Unified Strategic Planning,” which was facilitated by Dr. Marichen A. Dychangco, RN, PhD.

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       This event is intended to nurture the culture of synergy, networking, and collaboration as one family of Mother Candida -Hijas schools in the Philippines.

The session was attended by selected faculty, staff, and administrators from Hijas de Jesus schools such as Sacred Heart School, Colegio de la Immaculada Concepcion, St. James Catholic High School, St. Joseph School, Stella Maris Academy of Davao, and Manresa School, and Colegio de las Hijas de Jesus.



The session also aims to create attainable objectives and goals that will align with the school’s identity, vision, and mission. These objectives and goals will serve as a roadmap for the school’s functional activities and actions as they relate to achieving the goals.

To start off the morning session, Sr. Emelinda C. Falsis F.I, Provincial Superior of the Indico-Pacific Province gave an inspirational word of welcome. In her speech, she emphasized the academic difficulties we have encountered over the past two years and how we have dealt with the pandemic's impact on education. Sr. Emelinda concluded her speech by saying, “Be proactive, open, and always think of the common good of the educative family and stakeholders.”

Furthermore, there were challenging yet engaging activities given in relation to the school’s identity, vision, and core values. A breakout session was used in the group activity. Each school reviewed and discussed its own vision statement. All members of each group expressed their ideas, insights, comments, and suggestions for enhancing the school’s vision statement. A representative from each school presented their final outcome. Dr. Dychangco gave constructive comments on each crafted vision statement.



On the other hand, the activity in the afternoon session encouraged participants to reflect carefully and critically as they shared their views, opinions, and suggestions in crafting the unified school’s vision statement. Dr. Dychangco guided the group through the proposed values/words that will be incorporated in the statement.

In addition, Dr. Dychangco also discussed how to develop an effective mission statement. Each school shared ideas and strategies for developing the school’s mission. Each group member brainstormed and participated in making suggestions, sharing thoughts, and engaging in intense yet vibrant discussion.

Indeed, the grace of the Holy Spirit is with us throughout the session. Mother Candida and the intercession of Mother Mary will always be our inspiration. As a family, we can find deeper unity of vision and sustain our passion for the shared evangelizing mission amidst the uncertainties in our educational system.