Feast Day of Saint Candida: A Day of Prayer, Joy, and Thanksgiving

2the educative community

What a joy once again to physically come together to commemorate the feast day of our dearest saint! On the 9th of August, the educative community of Manresa School gathered as one family to celebrate the 110th Feast Day of Saint Candida Maria de Jesus through a solemn mass and fun activity. This was preceded by a nine-day Novena of prayers celebrating a daily theme on the particular aspect of Mother Candida's life which we were invited to follow.  Read this in SpanishLéelo en español.


 3Fr. Lambert


4the offerings

5the offerings

7the inscensation

8the offering of flowers




       The day started with the celebration of the Holy Eucharist presided over by Father Lambert Legaspino in El Rosarillo chapel. The F.I. sisters, administration, teachers, and staff actively participated in the mass, singing wholeheartedly the songs. In his homily, Father Lambert invited everyone to be like Saint Candida who offered everything to the Lord and who loved those in need dearly. He ended by reminding everybody that no responsibility is easy, but doing it out of love will ease the burden. Indeed, it was a timely reminder, especially that the Manresa School community is preparing for the opening of classes this August 22.

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    Fun and laughter filled the whole canteen as the community proceeded to the next part of the celebration. The get-together activity with the theme: Magsaya Kasama ang Kapamilya was enjoyed by everyone. The community manifested their creativity as they put tunes and actions to the sayings of Saint Candida. It was a spectacular moment to see the performance of each group. Moreover, everyone got excited and competitive in playing charades and answering questions about Saint Candida’s life.



9atthe canteen

 10at the canteen



8atthe canteen


      When asked about her experience during this year’s feast day, one teacher shared “I am delighted to celebrate the feast day of Mother Candida with my colleagues onsite. It is one of the profound experiences I had in school, and I am looking forward to celebrating it more.” Perhaps, everyone felt the same way after 2 years of having this special event virtually.

It has been 110 years since Saint Candida passed to her eternal rewards, yet the inspiration she left is still alive. With this, the Manresa community is very much grateful to God the Father for preserving and continuously sharing this gift. May this special event remind everyone to be like Saint Candida who loved God above all things and who always sought the good of the neighbors. 


The gathering ended with the singing of Clara Estrella. As Mother Candida would always say: "Blessed be God in everything!"