A Day with Mother Candida in El Salvador

1 el sal aug 9

“Let us have a big and generous heart for God.”

                                      (St. Candida Maria de Jesus)

     The celebration of the 110th death anniversary of St. Candida Maria de Jesus last August 9, 2022, was marked by a simple yet memorable one in El Salvador City, Misamis Oriental.

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1g el sal aug 9

     At 7:00  in the morning, a thanksgiving mass was offered in honor of our dear Mother Foundress at the Divine Mercy shrine which was celebrated by Fr. Valerian Posniack, MIC. Pilgrims from different places were able to attend the mass. The sisters were so happy that several pilgrims who were present during the mass were able to hear about Mother Foundress ‘ life through the sharing of Sr. Delia Pedroso. Fr. Val later joined the sisters for a simple lunch with the Sisters of the Servants of the Holy Spirit who were having their retreat.

1e el sal aug 9

      In the afternoon, the celebration was highlighted with an encounter with the kids from Zone 2 Ulaliman, El Salvador City, Misamis Oriental. These kids came from the tutorial class of Sr. Delia.

1c el sal aug 9

1d el sal aug 9

  This encounter gave them an experience that will allow them to grow in faith and encourage them to develop positive values and behaviour.      The Sisters at El Salvador believed that the holistic development of every child is not deemed complete without spiritual growth and development.  The activities given helped them to re-focus their personal relationship with God, with Mother Candida, with their family and friends.

1h el sal aug 9

1a el sal aug 9

    The F.I. youth handled by Sr. Felie, joyfully helped Sr. Delia in facilitating the activities of these kids.  

1f el sal aug 9

     One of the youth shared about the life of Mother Candida with the kids. After the sharing, they were served simple snacks.

1b el sal aug 9

      How happy they were!  Their joy and laughter echoed at the sisters’ compound. Hopefully when formed, they will be the future F.I. Youth and the seed of vocation will spring from them.

Blessed be God who loves us so dearly.