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     “Thank you for helping us to listen to our hearts and for reminding us that we are works of art.” These are the words of Sister Lynn Falsis addressed to our speaker Sister Ana Malapitan, RC before we ended the meaningful activity we had. It spoke of what transpired during the meeting.

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     Last August 6, 2022, eighteen sisters gathered together virtually to attend the session on midlife. The session led everyone to see where we are in this moment of our lives and to understand better the stage we are lovingly walking on.

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     The whole day, we listened to the many facets of this stage with the hope that it will not only help us in our process of wholeness but claim that in all these, we are simply coming home to our truer selves where our Loving Creator dwells.

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Here are some impressions from some sisters who attended the zoom meeting:

A heart filled thanks for the session. The presentation of Sister Ana validated my personal experiences. Indeed, midlife is a sacred portal to a better part of life. Let us continue to shine with the pearls we have discovered in life. Sister Helen

The session was very informative. Sister Lillian

The session helped me understand the change and realities that is happening during midlife. It leads me to go deeper to my inners self and accept the challenges in this journey moving towards wholeness and integration. Sr. Malou

I find the session very helpful and encouraging for it allowed me to see and understand midlife as a quest for greater wholeness and not a crisis. It was such a great opportunity and blessing that prepares me to embrace midlife with openness, courage and hope. Thank you to the Congregation for taking care of us in all the stages of our lives. Sister Dina

The session helped me know and understand more my realities. Accepting my limits that I am not getting younger physically and being aware of the stage where I am. As what Sister Ana Malapitan said, limits allows us to see new possibilities in my life of at this moment reveals. Sister Marie

The session is God’s another way of telling me that He takes care of me and the other sisters. He is truly journeying with us in this stage of our lives. Sr. Erna

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