A Journey with Manresa School New Teachers and Staff

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On September 10, 2022, Sr. Joji Silorio, F.I., the RCA of Manresa School, together with all the Sisters of Paranaque Sisters and the members of the Pastoral Ministry Team met the new teachers and staff for a half-day encounter in the morning with the theme: Prayer Encounter: Family of Mother Candida, Growing in Faith and Journeying Towards Hope.

The session aims to journey with the new teachers and staff and know them a little more as they integrate themselves smoothly into the educative mission of the school. Specifically, the session aims to help them nurture their spiritual life and deepen their relationship with God through prayer.

The encounter started with a few moments of silence and was followed by an entrance song, a reading of the scripture passage from Psalm 32, a prayer led by Sr. Jeck, and a closing song. After the opening prayer, each Sister welcomed joyfully and warmly the group with short inspirational messages. It was followed by the introduction of the new members of the Pastoral Ministry Team by Mr. Patrick Bugay.





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To make the session more alive and invigorating, Mrs. Marites Llorando gave an exciting and meaningful icebreaker activity that was participated in and enjoyed by everyone. It was a fast talk activity that led the participants to discover many things about themselves, about others, and about the Sisters and their love for the Congregation.






The new teachers were glad and amazed that the Sisters and the Pastoral team joined them. It was a fun and beautiful learning activity that also made them realize the importance of proper listening, following instructions, proper communication, openness, acceptance, and having a good relationship with one another that can be applied in the workplace. 

After the health break, a video clip of inspirational advertisements about the roles and love of a teacher, mother, father, grandparent, and sister were shown to the group. Then the group was asked to reflect and answer the reflection questions.  It was followed by the small group sharing and processing of answers.

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 To deepen the participants’ faith and relationship with God, Sr. Jeck gave a short talk about prayer.  She emphasized that prayer is a person’s loving relationship with God. It is intimacy with God.  She also mentioned contemplation as part of prayer and love or charity as the ultimate success indicator of prayer and the best choice of a Christian way of life.

            To make the talk more meaningful, the new teachers and staff were given each a Bible, a bookmark, and a scarf of Mo. Candida’s canonization as tokens that would help them enhance their prayer life through the word of God in the Bible and nurture their spiritual life as they continue to integrate themselves into the educative community and do their mission as new members of the school.

      The new teachers expressed their joy and gratitude for the fun and grace-filled experiences and for the presence and support of the Sisters and of the Pastoral Team. The encounter ended joyfully and meaningfully with a closing song, photo documentation and free lunch for all.