Canonical Visit of the Provincial Superior of the Indico-Pacific, Sr. Emelinda Falsis to the Region of Japan


"We have been waiting for you!"

            After two long years of waiting and the painstaking task of getting the visa, Sr. Emelinda finally arrived in Japan on August 16th.  Seeing her, we exchanged greetings, and restrained hugs.

There was so much inspection at the airport and since it was already late and we still had more than an hour's drive to get home, we decided to have "ramen." Upon reaching home, we thanked God for the journey which was a little tiresome but a worthwhile one. We entrusted to God’s hands the visit that was about to unfold.






            Two days after, the conversations with each Sister started. There was no time limit. Sr. Lynn was willing to listen to whatever we wanted to share with her, and even the language did not present any great difficulty. What a concern she has for everything! She had come to listen and to strengthen the sisters in their faith and zeal for their self-giving to the Lord, and that is the impact we have been left with. She then went to visit the Sisters in Tokyo and held conversations with each of them. On September 6, she came back to Hayama.

            On the morning of September 8, we had a great time together accompanying our Sisters in Bangladesh via Zoom, the entrance to the Postulancy of Moutushi y Chondira. What a gift from the Lord on the feast of the birth of the Blessed Virgin! On the 9th, we concluded the canonical visit with the communitarian meeting. The theme of the encounter was drawn from the latest catechesis of Pope Francis on elderly people. Old age "a fecund time to bear witness to Christ"- was very appropriate as 99 percent of us are already at this stage. In the end, Sr. Lynn’s impressions of the visit and recommendations to the Sisters were points for gratefulness to the Lord and for further growth. It has all been a grace!

            Besides the canonical visit, we are sincerely thankful to Sr. Lynn for having accompanied us in important matters of discernment and for having been willing to stay with us for a longer period of time. Undoubtedly, it has helped her understand and know our reality better. To round off the community meeting, we started to have COVID, for the first time among us in Japan. We were looking forward to being able to leave our rooms and continue to have a good time with Sr. Lynn for the remaining days. Thank you for your prayers. Thanks be to God, since that day, some of us have become better while others are still resting in their rooms. In the last few days of her visit, Sr. Lynn has been a great help, not only morally but also physically. Thank you, Sr. Lynn for the month you have been with us and for "everything" you have offered us.


Have a safe trip back to the Philippines!                         

The Sisters from Japan