The online formation session on "LIVING OUT GRACIOUSNESS, GENERATIVITY, and GRATITUDE AS CONSECRATED WOMEN AT THE STAGE OF ELDERHOOD" given by the Province was attended by around 24 sisters last September 24, 2022. It was organized through the Formation Team for the Sisters ranging from 61 to 75 years old with Sr. Rose Lynn Doromal, DC, as the resource person.


      The speaker,  a formator herself and a nurse by profession, coupled with her personal experiences in accompaniment and spiritual direction and even caring for their elderly and sick Sisters, had richly and powerfully imparted her research, thoughts, wisdom, and especially her personal experiences on the said topic. She stated in her notes that countless are gifts in elderhood. Among these gifts are Graciousness, Generativity, and Gratitude.

     As the speaker unveiled the gems, wisdom, and beauty of ELDERHOOD which for her is a pilgrimage towards a final destination, a coming home to God, she convincingly stated that we need to be conscious and firm in this spiritual journey. She made it clear that there are of course challenges in attaining the gifts of graciousness, generativity, and gratitude which we need to face and accept like diminishment, fears, loneliness, unforgiveness, etc., and that require INNER WORK.  In between her presentations, she posted some questions to ponder and to help the participant become aware of one’s present reality in the eldering stage. Many participants expressed that they resonated with what Sr. Rose Lynn had shared and that they are very happy and grateful for the session.







Several Sisters who attended the session gave their impressions when asked about it :

       “It was a significant ‘reality check’ of one’s present moment, upholding a particularly valuable horizon of hope. It is an invitation to profound gratitude for everything, celebrating both in good times and hard times. It affirms the heart to perseveringly trust a wonderful God whose love is enduring at all times. “

          “It is very helpful for us who are in the elderhood stage. Also, what the speaker shared affirms the importance of self-awareness and self-acceptance. Truly I am thankful to the Lord, to the Congregation, and to our Formators who provided for us our psycho-spiritual formation.”

$      “The session was like ‘opening the windows to allow the fresh air to come in…” It really affirmed what I am going through at this stage of my life. Thank you very much.”

$       “the sharing of the speaker including the Sister participants was founded on personal charismatic experiences.”

Personally, I have not yet reached the literal age of being in elderhood but I am so grateful that I attended the session being in the formation team. Through the session, I experienced a lot of appreciation and HOPE for the reality of growing old graciously.  I just wonder that if one is conscious, willful, and appreciative of her ‘eldering’, one is in the state of being ‘HOME’?