Viva, Stella Maris! Feast of Our Lady, Star of the Sea


         On September 27, 2022, Stella Maris Academy of Davao's educative community pays tribute to Our Lady, Star of the Sea.  Mama Mary, revered as the Mother of Jesus, is also recognized as the guiding star. She nurtures the birth and growth of our spiritual selves, just as women give birth to, nurse, and teach their offspring. She never stops pleading to Jesus for assistance on our behalf and sets an excellent example for us on how to live a righteous life.



The academy, which shares the same name as Mama Mary's Title Stella Maris, expressed immense gratitude to the Blessed Mother for protection and guidance graced to members of the SMAD community. Students from Senior High School and members of the SMAD community attended a morning community prayer. It began with a procession and flower offering. It ended with a community singing of the Star of the Sea hymn composed by Sister Lee Uera, F.I. 

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