September 30, 2022

“Encargada de la Vida Diaria” is the Sister in charge of daily life who exercises the service of ensuring the good progress of the common life and attends to the needs and urgencies that may arise (CFI 315).



On September 30, 2022, the Provincial Superior, Sr. Emelinda C. Falsis, F.I., met all the “encargadas” in the Indico-Pacific Province (except for Japan) via zoom video conferencing platform. Within the prayer, she gave two questions for reflection and sharing:

1) Recall your happiest experience as “encargada” of the house.

2) What has been your greatest struggle since you assumed this role?

We shared our experiences. We humbly admitted our limitations and recognized our strengths. We expressed our gratitude for the gift of patience and fidelity to serve. We also recounted some of our difficulties.

Sr. Lynn presented to us the specific functions and responsibilities of the “encargada” which were the results of the survey conducted on the “encargadas” on their lived experience. There are six areas: a) help to the local Superior b) constant communication with the local Superior c) animation d) house management, e) facilitation, and f) as an elder sister. As we shared, we commonly emphasized the importance of communication and the union of hearts. Furthermore, we begin to understand ourselves as mission, servants, and sisters with an important role in the preservation of the well-being of everyone in the house.  The acceptance of our limitations, difficulties, and struggles helped us acknowledge God’s presence even in those trying moments.

It was only a half-day session, yet we took to heart this gracious moment of sharing our experiences of joy and struggles as “encargadas.”  As we listened to everyone’s story, we felt we have companions in the journey. It has become a strength for each one of us in our service as “encargada.”

We ended it with a commitment to be more loving and caring; to grow in fidelity to God who purposely loves and calls us as “encargadas.” We left the zoom meeting with gratitude to Sr. Lynn and her Council. Our hearts are filled with hope and trust to journey together in fraternal union begging the Lord of our journey the grace “Let me be a servant to you; Let me be as Christ to you.”