Our Mission Our New Way of Being


            On the Feast of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary, October 7, we,23 Sisters from Tahanan gathered at the Inmaculada Hall for a community encounter, with the Provincial Superior, Sr. Emelinda Falsis. This was a much-awaited meeting with her after an interspersed schedule of her canonical visit to the community sometime in July.




       In a prayerful reflection, we, the community, opened our hearts to the message of Pope Francis – “Old age 'fruitful time to bear witness to Christ” which found warm, welcoming, responsive echoes in the very core of our being as elderly Sisters.

            We feel blessed and fortunate that the Holy Father is spiritually caring for us elderly through his inspiring and powerful words. We are in the best place, called to savor our new stage of life as we happily prepare ourselves for that final coming home to the Lord. We are still on a mission, a new way of being where prayer becomes a keystone to staying in love with the Lord and practicing charity in the community.

     We still have a lot of our own quirks and flaws but the Lord in his bountiful goodness and mercy always meets us where we are. Thus, we continue to discern and be open to the everyday call of the Spirit. Sr. Florencia, the Superior of Tahanan, assuredly affirms that as elderly Sisters, we continue to be missionaries through our life of prayer lived faithfully, dynamically, and effectively; it is a witness of life and the faithful encounter with the Lord in prayer becomes our mission, our new way of being.

            It was truly a fraternal dialogue and everyone felt contented, encouraged, and profoundly grateful. Perhaps, what stood out was a kind of eternal gratitude to the Congregation who like a mother has a personal and unique love for her daughters at all stages of their life but most especially in their moments of sickness and frailty. We see M. Candida caring for us throughout the Province. Thank you, Sr. Lynn for your Sisterly care and for this awe-inspiring encounter.