Becoming Spirit-filled Evangelizers in the Culture of Communication Today


Sr. Nori Marquez, head of the Provincial Communication Team, welcomes and introduces the participating schools, centers, individuals, and guests at the beginning of the webinar- from the Indico Pacific Province. 

 coverSpiritfilled.jpg1opening prayer

The opening prayer was led by Ms. Pescadero from SHS-FI Cebu City.


sr. Mengedited

Sr. Remedios Cabrera, FI introduces the speaker: Fr. Angelo Paolo Asprer, SSP.

     The talk... Click to see the Video

3Fr. Angelo Paolo SSP

The talk 1


The talk2

The Talk4


Participants during the webinar at Manresa Retreat House.


Below are some online participants...more than 200 individuals...




Sir Francis Esmetalda moderates the Q & A portion...

7bthe QA Portion moderated by Sir Francis


Sr. Lourdes, FI gets a chance to ask Fr. Paolo  in person

7cQ7A Interaaction and chattboxPhil

Sir Phil Morales from SHS-FI during the Q&A portion



Fr. Paolo sees onscreen some of the Online participants


8.Sr. Nori moderatees the webinar

Sr. Nori moderates the webinar.



Sr. Emelinda Falsis, Provincial Superior says her word of Thanks...


The closing prayer was led by the two Junior Sisters: Mary Mae and Crystal



The techs headed by Sir Francis Esmetalda of Manresa School

The techs headed by Sir Francis


Photo ops with Fr. Paolo: 1. The on-site participants; 2. The Communication Team with Sr. Emelinda Falsis; 3. The Junior Sisters, Mary Mae, and Crystal

10Participants onsite Spirit-filled

9CommunicationTeam witth

13the Two Juniors with Fr. Angelo