The Manresa Delegates amidst the multitude

The CEAP National Convention with the theme Pilgrims of Hope Moving Forward in Synodality was held in SMX Convention Center, Pasay City from October 25-28, 2022.  This 1st post-pandemic physical gathering was attended by 3,743 onsite and some online participants from around the country.




Sixteen Manresan delegates composed of Sisters, administrators, coordinators, and a teacher attended the main events on October 27-28, 2022.

2meeting other sisters

 The Sisters found themselves together...


 The concurrent sessions on day 2 highlighted relevant topics such as Catholic identity and mission, learner development, operational vitality, learning environment, community engagement, and leader and governance 




1ustsalinggawi cultural

UST Salinggawi presents a cultural presentation combining dances from the different regions of the country.


1atmass live orchestra

 UST Philharmonic Orchestra and Chorus provide the live accompaniment for the Eucharistic celebration-Day1

The following are the takeaways of some delegates. 

When we are in communion, we perform better for the idea of synodality is a process of many, some, and one. -Mrs. Dea Concepcion on learner development. 

Forming programs by asking the students and youth to express themselves through the phrase "Salamat sa…" "Sana …" is a synodal way to evaluate and easily gather ideas from the youth. -Mr. Jojit Ledesma on the talk about synodality. 

When we build partnerships and connect with one another, synodality and sustainability unfold. -Mrs. Aileen Ones on leadership and governance 

Democracy is aligned with Catholic belief. Taking a stand against the notions of post-truth, populist rule, and societal polarization, being threats to democracy, is a way of upholding the Catholic ideals of respect for human life and dignity. -Mr. Emson Petilla on community engagement. 

Participating in the convention made me realize how relevant Saint Candida's charism in synodality, especially in the process of discernment and dialogue.  -Mr. Aaron Masmila.      

Attentive, respectful listening to the young, and considering the family as the first and essential place of education are my two important takeaways.. - Sr. Jeck Silorio, F. I. 

This year’s convention was meaningful, inspiring, and heartwarming. The celebration of the Holy Eucharist each day was a real feast, both for the heart and the soul. Amidst the difficulties brought about by the pandemic and the challenges of the present realities, there lies a greater hope and brighter future as the CEAP participants continue to journey together and move forward in a true spirit of synodality- active participation, heart-felt communion with all the delegates from all over the country, as they face together this common mission of evangelization with the abiding presence of God who never abandons His people. 

More images of the CEAP 2022...


Colegio de San Juan de Letran Team shares their Fratelli Tutti experience. The school is in the 402nd year of its foundation. Their celebration of the 400th year was aborted by the pandemic.


at the stage


1Lining up for foodLining up for food...




Outside galleries... in synodality

 CEAP Partners

CEAP Partners...


1delegates from Panay

 Delegates from Panay...



...with bags full of goodies from the CEAP Partners


1manresa delegates Waiting for Kuya Kenneth...


hobnobbing with others

waiting for their rides

the sight of the waiting area for vehicles...