DSC00153Rona I was really excited when I knew that I was invited to join the National Youth Assembly. I was thrilled by the idea of travelling with my friends and exploring new places.

When we started meeting and preparing for the assembly, my mind started to register what is this that I am going to join. I was kind of astonished and nervous when I found out that we are given the chance to meet and socialize with other F.I. youth. Deep inside I also can’t wait because finally, we will be able to share our insights as a Marisian to those who we share the same uniform, values, and formation.

When I entered Manresa, I was genuinely in awe, their school campus didn’t look that big from the outside but it is really wide and spacious. Their community was very nice and warm as they welcome us. My jaw dropped when I also saw the clean green field, it seemed like no one ever forgot to leave their trash anywhere inside the campus. I also liked the fact that wherever your eyes go you can see things you can learn from. We felt secured when I saw the security roam around.

The first talk we listened to was the talk of Fr. Anthony Nguyen about the realities of the world. He started of by asking ‘Why is the youth seemingly misdirected?’ then he enumerated the reasons. This made me realize how much time I wasted on social media because of the “F.O.M.O.”, Fear Of Missing Out. This reality made me more inactive in real life, that instead of helping out and doing charitable acts, I am stuck with the gadget I am holding. This is a misuse of technology, because of this I had lesser time for my family and prayer. The talk reminded me of my goal in life, to be the person God wants me to be.

The Realities of the Church was tackled to us by Sr. Leoly Quitori, FI. I am inspired by the talk to be more and inspire more as I knew that a lot of teens still don’t know what their talents are. I’m looking forward to learning with others while serving the Church. The next talk was given by Mr. Francis Esmetalda and its about our second home, our school. Sir Francis emphasized the quote “The transformation you want to see in others must start from YOU”. This made me reflect for some time. As a leader in our organization who calls for change, change should start within me. I thinks its one of the hardest parts in the process. This is the time when I will decide what to plant and have the responsibility to take good care of it as it grows. I am inspired and encouraged to be an active individual at school to change our community for the better.

The day was filled with a lot of reflections and the last talk for the day was the one that about the realities of the youth. He started by sharing his own life experience about how his love and passion in serving and leading the student council in his alma mater shaped him into a good leader. A good leader in a sense that he knows how to fight for what is right because love led when he decided. In my case, I find myself really indecisive and easily get confused. Kuya Tristan’s advice made me surer of what I want to do in the future. Love made me work and live for the thing and the people that I love.

The next morning, the first talk for Valentine’s Day was about our gifts and talents. Mrs. Noreen Santos made us fill up sheets of paper that we usually take during before choosing our career tracks. This made me sure of the talent and giftedness that I have. The next sessions were the best! At first, I thought the liturgical powerpoint was the most borin session anyone could have but I was really happy when I left the computer lab in Manresa because I know that learning those things I could help a lot of people and I could help my community back in Davao. The next session was dancing, I never thought I could cope up with the dance, I just did my best learning the dance and I discovered something about new myself. Now, I feel really blessed to have the people around me.

The last talk was given to us by Sr. Anna Cinco and it was about sharing Jesus to others. The process don’t end when we receive Jesus, I am obligated to share His enlightenment, love, and mercy to those who are in need. I remember the time when a close friend of mine lost interest in school because of all the bullying that she got. After consulting our adviser, me together with my other close friends made her feel belonged. I’m happy to see her now, interacting with others and participating in the activities in their youth community.

I find these realities something we could reflect. It is also motivating because these activities remind me of my giftedness and its purpose. I was also reminded of my mission as the youth of the Church. The experience is life-changing, I really hope I was not the only one who felt replenished, I hope everyone could feel the love of God. I ought to start the change from within and then infect others. My goals were clarified after the assembly. I will effectively and efficiently work my purpose. I hope this is the start that would probably renew the face of the earth. Thank God, I am blessed!