Mother General Arrives in the Philippines

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Mother General, Maria Inez Furtado, arrives in the Philippines together with General Consultor Sr. Sagrario de Andres and General Secretary Ana Baeza. They were fetched at the airport by Sr. Thelma Barbarona, Provincial, and Sr. Cathy Cheong, Provincial Consultor and Secretary. Earlier in the evening, Srs. Sonia Regina and Graciela arrived together in Manila.


Srs. Sonia Regina and Graciela


Srs. Leoly Quitorio and Ánna María Cinco went to fetch them at Terminal 1. The Hijas de Jesus Philippine Region warmly welcome the Sisters at Manresa Retreat House, venue of the forthcoming Encounters of the General government with the Provincials, Local Superiors and RCAs. This is a historic event as this is the first time such encounters will be held in the Philippines.

Mabuhay and welcome to our Sisters from our different Provinces!

Sisters came to greet our Mother General and companions as seen in the following images...

The Sisters in Formation

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The Community of Marikina, Postulants Crystal Bermejo and Anna Kristine, Christina Subong, our Junior, and their Superior, Sr. Felisa Molina greeted Mother General and her companions.

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Photo-op with the sisters at MRH


The next day, Sr. Teresa Pinto of ITALY_SPAIN Province came, followed by General Consultors Srs. Jocelyn Salomo, Clara Echarte and Enaceyla Cardenas. (Photos, to follow)

Welcome dear Sisters!