Day 2 OF THE FI-Lay Encounter

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On October 3, 2015, the second day of the FI Lay Congress, everyone was up and early to celebrate the Holy Eucharist at 6:30 in the morning with Fr. Mario Pacheco as celebrant.  Then all gathered for the official photo taking.

 Breakfast followed after which the participants prepared themselves for the day's events.  


Our first distinguished speaker, our very own Sr. Georgita Hormillosa, FI talked about Pastoral Leadership and Conflict Management in the Way of Jesus, Poor and Humble. She emphasized that the kind of leadership that we strive for wherein Jesus is the point of reference is that which helps to develop others the skills to discern on their own what needs to be done. (In other words, leading by accompaniment and empowerment)
After Sr. Georgette's talk, time was allotted for questions and affirmations. Then we went for a short break. Sharing followed, this time by designation.  Thus it was an opportunity to listen to the realities and experiences of those from other school communities.  Reporting followed.

The second talk was in the afternoon.  Mrs. Mariviluz Legayada, CHJ coordinator, introduced our second distinguished speaker, Ms. Harriet Hormillosa who spoke on Fraternal Correction and Anger Management.


After Ms. Hormillosa's talk, we had quiet time, then the inspiring sharing of Ms Gomez, principal of Manresa School for over 30 years. The tribute for her after her sharing, was a wonderful surprise not only for Ms. Gomez but for all of us too, and the amazing story of her humility and obedience and trust in the Lord and in the HDJ sisters is both inspiring and edifying.

Sharing followed after the snack break, then reporting.  The whole assembly was led into quiet reflection by Mr. Esmetalda.

Dinner was at 7:00 pm. Socialization at 8:00 pm was wonderfully hosted by our very energetic Mr. Trani and Mr. Morales of SHSHDJ and graced by three General consultors, with our dear Sr. Jocelyn Salomo, who gave an inspirational talk, and three Provincial Superiors and the Secretary general. 

DSC07467 DSC07468

General Consultors Sr. Enaceyla Cardenas and Sr. Sagrario de Andres

DSC07471 DSC07463

Provincials-Sr. Sonia Regina of Brazil-Carribe and Sr. Teresa Pinto of Spain-Italy



Secretary General Ana Baeza (in the Middle)



Sr. Jocelyn Salomo gave a heart-warming and inspiring speech to the assembly

 The cultural presentations by Manresa School, CHJ and SMAD to represent Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao respectively, truly showcased the beauty and uniqueness of our people, and deepened our pride for our country.


Opening prayer with theme song of the Internatinal Eucharistic Congress to be held on January 2016, performed by the Cebu delegates.



A Dance of Praise from Luzon Island performed by Manresa School Delegates


IMG 3734

"Dinagyang" festival by the Visayas Group represented by CHJ, Iloilo City





A colorful Indigenous Dance group by the Stella Maris Academy of Davao representing Mindanao Island




Sr. Floyd introduces then explains the Japan Region group presentation.(Above)



After her talk, Sr. Joy  received a manifesto expressing thedesire to initiate the planning of the third International Lay Encounter , led by Mr. Cesar Solas.

Even the games which followed were well thought of and very insightful, and led everyone to get to know each other better as well as to reflect on the lessons of the day.  The second day ended with community singing and prayer. 

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