The Metro Manila session with Earnest Tan

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The Metro Manila session with Earnest Tan was held last July 22--23, 2017, a few weeks after the Iloilo session.  The sentiments expressed by the Iloilo group are fully echoed by the Manila group - composed of sisters and lay collaborators mostly from Manresa School, and three from Davao and also four from National University-Nazareth School. 

 Learning the theories and skills, having the opportunity to practice them brings home to us that our centers are centers of evangelization, that this is one of the steps to reinforce the evangelical identity of our works and other presences (Det. 31) which is a priority of the Province for the next three years.  We were also reminded of the primary place the person has in all our educative endeavors.

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In the end, we can only ask that God bless the work we do for His children, and God bless Earnest Tan for the ministry he does.