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Last July 8, 15, & 22, 2017,  the 2017 NYA participants of St. Joseph School – Hijas de Jesus, Inc., together with the FI sisters, teachers, staff and coordinators, conducted the KAPATID CAMP’17.

This event is one of the planned activities of the NYA participants to echo and share their meaningful experience to other youth. With the theme’ “Tatak F.I; Kapatid sa Kapwa,” the KAPATID CAMP was able to fulfil its aim to gather all the students to receive orientation on what an F.I.  Student should be like and, it had also given the student body the experience of being a family of St. Candida Maria de Jesus which is also expected to be carried out by the students throughout the school year.

The Kapatid Camp which was held in the school’s premises, also served as the first get together/ acquaintance of the Clubs. The students were divided into clubs and on each Saturday, 4 clubs attended the said gathering. This was done in order to maximize participation of everybody on the activities of the said Camp. The said activity had indeed build the bonds among the members of the clubs and strengthen their commitment of the students to their chosen clubs as they enjoy, work and share together in the different activities like human bingo, logo and commitment statement making, team building play, pledging and praise and worship.

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