Meeting of the Local Superiors,RCAs, Treasurers, Principals, etc.

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Manresa Retreat House was full this weekend. We had the Asian Jesuit Formators having their sessions, some Sisters of the Little Sisters for the Abandoned Elderly, and the Religious of the Conception of Mary on retreat, and the meeting of the Local Superiors, RCAs, Principals, Treasurers and members of the Ad Hoc Commission all here at the same time

This is the first time that our lay partners are with us in the planning of a proposed new educational set up for the future. It was heartwarming to see them share, participate, air their questions and viewpoints. They also had time to do presentations of how the school has been integrating the Proyecto Comun of the respective communities.

The lay have grown to be so much part of us and now we have truly experienced that planning is impossible without them. They give a perspective that enriches the educational apostolate, and we thank them for that.

The things we cannot put into words, we share with pictures. We hope you enjoy viewing them.

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