A Reflection on my Experience in Bangladesh


“I will go to the uttermost part of the world in search for souls.”
(Mother Candida). These words of our dear Mother Foundress echoed in my heart 2 weeks after I arrived in Bangladesh together with Sr. Eufemia Solleza for our new assignment as missionaries.

Although I was just a newly assigned sister in a particular place called Utrail together with some of our sisters who are already assigned here, I palpably sensed God’s presence revealed in so many ways. As I went around together with Sr. Helen to familiarize myself of the different apostolates that the sisters are involved, I realized that the simple people I have encountered in the villages where we have visited and the hostel girls who are entrusted to our care are the ones who are evangelizing me. Their simplicity, fraternal and welcoming attitude give me a sense of the poor and humble “Jesus” who welcomes strangers and embraces everyone. This mere experience of being welcomed made me all the more aware of our charism “ filiation – fraternity.” That we have one Father who takes care of us wherever we go; and we are all brothers and sisters regardless of religion, cultural differences and background. These simple people have taught me that “ language is not a barrier.” What is most important is the “language of the heart.”

Everyday is a grace from God. As I continue to discover the beauty of being a religious missionary I beg for the grace to be more open to God’s surprises which will help me grow to become a joyful witness to Jesus who has sent me so that he can be known especially to those who are the least, the lost and the last.

May our dear Mother Foundress continue to inspire me to have the missionary zeal in my heart, to keep the fire burning despite the daily challenges that I have to face as a missionary.

And may our dear Mother Mary the first disciple of Jesus grant me the grace to bring more people closer to her Son, Jesus. I entrust everything to God. Amen.




On August 9, 2017 - The Hijas de Jesus community in Bangladesh joyfully joined the rest of Mother Candida’s entire family throughout the world as we celebrated the 105th anniversary of her death. Days prior to the celebration the sisters shared with the hostel girls the life of Mother Foundress so that their knowledge about her would be deepened. On the eve of the feast day, Sr. Eufemia Solleza also shared about her vocation story of being an Hija de Jesus Sister. On August 9, we had the thanksgiving mass at the “ Our Lady of Help Parish, Utrail, which was actively participated in by our hostel girls, boys from Don Bosco hostel and some parishioners. Fr. Francis Gamaliyel, SDB, was the main celebrant, and concelebrated by Fr. Jose Pampadiyil, SDB and Fr. Joseph Pham , another SDB missionary from Vietnam.





In the evening the sisters invited the SDB priests together with some of their seminarians for a simple dinner.
May our dear Mother Foundress continue to inspire us to imitate the poor and humble Jesus whom we have decided to love serve and follow. Blessed be God who loves us so dearly.