We are very grateful for we have received so much! 





The Spiritual Exercises for a month was a special time to talk to God and to listen to Him. While the days passed, I felt that it was the perfect time that God prepared for me according to His will and not mine.

At first, I taught praying was just a simple thing but God taught me that that simplicity is the most important thing for me in following His footsteps. I learned how to pray; and now Jesus of Nazareth is a friend and a Father that is so near to me. Through Him I went curing my wounds and my past experiences. My experience in that month in Paraguay was another step in the way of following the Jesus of Nazareth.

Before we started, I felt too much scared because I do not know how will the experience will come out but when the exercises started,  my pre-occupations and fears went away because I remembered that lots of people were praying for us, although they are far but we are united in Spirit and with Jesus of Nazareth. That experience of mine, taught me to trust Him more and leave everything in His hands.


            Before we started the SpEx, I felt anxious because I don´t know how will I deal with this experience. I felt afraid that once again I will encounter my past experiences that gave me wounds. But as the SpEx started, I felt that God was so near to me and on the first day, I already had the image of God that is defending me throughout my journey that animated me to face this experience. While the exercises went on, little by little I deepened my relationship with Jesus and little by little I learned to know Him more and love Him more. Along the way, I took the process of curing my past and at the end, it made me embrace myself and my history. I felt free in dealing with my past experiences and God enlightened me that they were part of my vocation. And as we took the Passion of Jesus, I felt to be united with Him and His death by experiencing my death also. After that death, Resurrection came that I also felt resurrected with Jesus. Experiencing all of these, I felt deeply consoled and loved by Jesus that made me feel nearer to Him. I also felt tired during those days but God sustained me with His grace to encounter Him more deeply during my desolations.

            After that experience, I felt more animated to return to the reality of my life to face His invitations bringing with me all the blessings and the graces that I have received during that experience. I felt that God transformed me at this time when I could say , like St. Paul, “ it is no longer I that lives but it is He who lives in me.”

Estamos muy agradecidas muy tanto bien recibido. Celina y Crystal