Panay-Guimaras Youth Assembly in October

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October 6 – 7, 2017 – 28 participants, 4 teachers and 2 F.I sisters from the five (5) Hijas schools all over Panay and Guimaras gathered together for a core group meeting in St. Joseph School – Hijas de Jesus, Inc to plan for the first ever Panay – Guimaras Youth Assembly (a 3 – day youth gathering of F.I. Students) this coming December 8, 9 & 10, 2017.


The theme, “#Tatak F.I: Pamatan – on nga may Tagipusu – on… Pag – laum… Pag – ugyon sa isa ka Misyon” (#Mark  of an F.I: Youth with a Heart… Hope… Being together for one Mission) was the finalized theme for the upcoming Panay-Guimaras Youth Assembly. According to one of the participants, “it is good to have a theme stated in Hiligaynon (Region’s dialect) in order to create an identity that the Youth Assembly which will be happening is of the Panay and Guimaras Hijas Schools. (Ilonggos and Guimarasnons)”.

The 2 – day meeting enabled the core group to come up with certain activities that corresponds to the following objectives that they have also agreed on:

$11.    Understand the meaning of the Proyecto Comun;

$12.    Deepen the love for Mary and Jesus;

$13.    Develop and unleash the potentials of the youth;

$14.    Build friendship and camaraderie among the youth of Panay-Guimaras FI schools; 

$15.    Empower the youth to share the compassionate Jesus to others; and

$16.    Live out the shared mission of bringing the compassionate Jesus to others.

The Panay- Guimaras Youth Assembly is being called to action by the Hijas de Jesus sisters as a way of encouraging the young people to share in the mission of bringing and encountering the compassionate Jesus to people and events. It greatly aims to empower the youth to be at the forefront of global change and shared mission.

According to Norvi Duante, a grade 10 student form St. James Catholic School, “PGYA is about making the youth realize who they are and what their mission is. This event will mould us to be great persons or even greater because we are the start of a better society…not just an hija and an hijo but also as a family.....

Sr. Emelinda, F.I., the sister adviser for the said PGYA core group stated, "The meeting was a very successful activity. It gathered the young leaders from the different Hijas schools and it was just like a family. I hope that this (PGYA) will be a venue for the youth to express themselves and live the compassion of Jesus.”

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