Manresa School Intensifies Teachers and Office Personnel‘s Formation

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On Spirituality of Mother Candida and Values Integration

The first session on Spirituality of Mo. Candida was given to all members of administration on April 3, 2017 with Sr. Emelinda C. Falsis, F.I. as member of the Ad hoc Commission. Another session on Spirituality of Mo. Candida was given by Sr. Catherine Cheong, F.I.  on September 6, 2017 to the teachers and staff who are in their 21 to 39 years of service in Manresa School, while those who are in their 10 to 20 years of service were given the same topic  on October 12, 2017.

 As expressed by the participants, the session was a blessing for them and it had strengthened their love for the mission with St. Candida as an inspiration in loving God and participating in the mission where they are called to serve. Their experience of   faith in God, their love for their family and the educative mission, gave them an affirmation of their deep appreciation on the charism of Mo. Candida which is also seen among the F.I. Sisters in the community.  Some openly shared that the session was an eye opener for them to be more faithful to God, to be more open to the promptings of the Holy Spirit and to be grateful to the school where they experience God’s love through the motherly concern and love of the F.I. Sisters and the fraternal spirit among members of the educative family. Other teachers and staff humbly mentioned that the session gave them a chance to know deeply the spirituality of Mo. Candida and it was their love for the mission that made them stay longer at Manresa School. The fruit of the session was manifested in their humility to accept that it is the faith and relationship in God that will help them overcome challenges in life and the mission where they are being called by God.

Everyone was inspired by the talk of Sr. Cathy and what they had learned from her, left a mark in their heart. Likewise, they also have the desire to have a follow-up of the topic in order to deepen their trust in God.  And for some teachers, it is to deepen also their understanding on the spirituality of Mo. Candida especially on Christ – centeredness. In summary, it was such a meaningful growth session that the teachers and office personnel were grateful to God’s many blessings in their life and in their vocation as teachers and members of Manresa School family.

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 Before we ended the First Semester, all teachers were given a session on Values Integration on October 19, 2017 with Sr. Amelia C. Alejan, F.I. as the resource person. In this present time and the challenges we experience in education, it is a felt need for all educators to be updated on the relevant approaches in integrating values in the lessons and school practices. Sr. Amy stressed in her talk that teachers do not only focus on knowledge but it is to lead the students to the truth which is Jesus Christ, to bring Jesus to others, in the workplace and area of responsibility, and to bring Manresa School community to Christ through authentic and integral Catholic  education and values integration.

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The teachers had their reflection and writing activities that made them identify and discuss their gifts from God and how these gifts or talents can be multiplied as they engage themselves in education. They also identified the dominant current pedagogical approaches that are done in the school. With the activities provided, the teachers learned and realized that the key challenge to teachers is to have the capacity to be open for learning and use the values they have that need to be integrated in their daily life and lessons in class.  The session integrated the concept on transformative teaching and learning that calls teachers to be active agents of change and facilitators of learning. As emphasized also by Sr. Amy, the teachers need always to be aware for self  - improvement in teaching  which also needs self – reflection mechanism. And the most important point that was emphasized to the teachers is to be a living witness of Christ’ goodness and love… that we are called by God to do His mission.

These series of growth sessions for the faculty and staff renewed their spirit and commitment to the evangelizing mission. It was a very relevant learning opportunity both in bringing about quality transformative Catholic education and intensifying one’s love for the mission of St. Candida. It was really a fruitful experience for all having encountered the presence of the F.I. Sisters as resource persons who generously showed their passion and zeal in the apostolic mission. The love for the mission was truly felt and this brought us to the realization that forming the community where love is present ensures us of quality Catholic education.