A Special Day for Filipinos in Argentina

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Last November 12, 2017, we from the Noviciado International celebrated a special cultural fiesta for Filipinos that we have planned before. Early in the morning, we started preparing Filipino Cuisines and a day before; we decorated the dining room to feel the ambiance of the fiesta in the Philippines. We invited some friends and 2 Filipino Claretian brothers that also live in Cordoba, Argentina to share that special day.


The fiesta started viewing some tourist spots of the Philippines and followed by a lunch. During lunch, we shared some cultures and practices of the Filipinos while enjoying Filipino foods and folk music. After lunch, we watched a movie about the history of the Independence of Baler in the Philippines during Spanish time prepared by the Claretian brothers.

The day went joyfully and meaningfully. We felt  the patriotism is always in our heart  even if we are far from our country. No matter how far the distance that separates us from our country, we can still feel who we are and we can share our culture with others. It is a great opportunity to live in an International community because it helps to learn how to adjust and to understand other people  no matter where they are from. More importantly, our being different in terms of our race doesn´t hinder us from being  disciples of Jesus. To learn other cultures and language and adapt to it helps us to be more effective in being missionaries of the good news of our Loving Father that sent us where He wants us to go. This was how Mo. Candida used to desire her daughters to cross the seas to bring Jesus to the uttermost parts of the world in search for souls.  

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