La “Ruta de la Madre Candida” -Tertians 2017


La “Ruta de la  Madre Candida” was a graceful and meaningful experience for all of us, to begin the “Ultima Probacion.” The process of tracing the significant places in the life of Mo. Foundress from  November 4 - 24  was  done in a reflective and prayerful manner that guided us to enter in the realms of her personal and spiritual journey with God.

What we learned about her from the books  became a reality when we started our pilgrimage to Andoain and later to Tolosa.  Our short visit in these sacred places allowed us to connect internally and felt identified with her simple and humble beginnings.  Moreover, the experience in Burgos gave us a glimpse of her “vida oculta“ with the Sabater’s family where she manifested  her great love for the Eucharist and for the poor

We were filled with  spiritual enthusiasm when we found ourselves praying and meditating in front of  the altar of  Rosarillo , where Mo. Candida  received the inspiration to found the Congregation. Like her, our hearts were burning with desires and inspirations to continue the mission entrusted to her by God. These inspirations continue to flourish deep within us as we reached the city of Salamanca, the city which welcomed the birth of the first foundation. Its roads and buildings directed us to encounter Mo. Candida’s joys, difficulties and challenges during  the first few years of the Congregation. The houses in Montellano and Montenses are visible  reminders of Mo. Candida’s great labor in God’s  vineyard which  led us to a deeper contemplation of her life well -lived for God and  others . This  helped us strengthen our love and understanding of  Mother Candida’s  humanity and sanctity  which also  led us closer  to Jesus. 








We were also grateful  to  all the sisters of the different communities of Spain who   welcomed us with much love and generosity. The joyful and inspiring encounter with them  united us as one , big and universal family  of St. Candida Ma. De Jesus.  Thus, we thank   the Congregation for giving us this opportunity  to undergo this spiritual journey  that helped us  grow more  in our vocation and belongingness to the Congregation.