PGYA On the Move! DAY 2


            December 9, 2017- The 2nd day of the Panay-Guimaras Youth Assembly, was a day for Action. The participants, after preparing the packed goods for the Immersion activity went out to Brgy. Morobuan Balcon, Jordan, Guimaras.

They initially planned to have a BEC or Basic Ecclesial Community activity, but they also had a chance to cook some food for the people there. They learned so much from their visit to this place particularly in their understanding of reality, as expressed by Xy, a delegate from St. Joseph School. 

            After this outreach, the group went back to St. Joseph School. After lunch and rest, the participants gathered at the school gymnasium for the sharing of experiences of the morning event, facilitated by Sr. Alma Mae Zarriz, F.I. Several resource speakers shared inputs. Mr. Michael Sales talked on “How to Share Jesus’ Love to Others”; Miss Joena Esteves on “How to Facilitate a BEC”; and finally, Miss Noreen Padojinog shared “Dance and Shout for the Lord”.

For the participants, the Talks were very interesting, and have life-changing impacts, as shared by Therese, a delegate from St. Candida School.

The activities continued with a cultural presentation that showcased the different cultures as well as talents of the participants. It was a happy occasion to share each one’s cultural gifts.

This was followed by a prayer where all the participants gathered around a bonfire. Colegio de las Hijas de Jesus facilitated this prayer. The night became more alive as the Worship Band began to play which marked the start of the evening’s socialization activity.

The participants shared their impression about having the bonfire which for one was a unique experience, and that the socialization activity made one feel free and welcomed in every group one went to. (Mel, from St. James Catholic School )