PGYA Celebrates the End with a New Beginning! DAY 3


December 10, 2017- Panay-Guimaras Youth Assembly delegates, celebrates the end of  the assembly with open hearts to change for the better and  to live out the “Proyecto Común” towards their brothers and sisters.


The last day of the PGYA was highlighted with the making of the Commitment by all the participants, having lived together even for a short time has made them truly feel their being brothers and sisters according to the way Mother Candida envisioned her children to be.

Below is the commitment of the participants of PGYA 2017


Panay-Guimaras Youth Assembly 2017




We , the youth leaders of the Hijas de Jesus schools in Panay-Guimaras gathered together for the youth assembly from December 8-10, 2017 at St. Joseph School-Hijas de Jesus, Inc. San Miguel, Jordan, Guimaras to understand the meaning of the proyecto de mision comun; deepen our love for Mary and Jesus; develop and unleash our potentials; build friendship and camaraderie among other youth; empower ourselves to be leaders who can share the compassionate Jesus to others through the Basic Ecclesial Community and to live out the shared mission of bringing the compassionate Jesus to others.


As the youth assembly ends, we make this commitment as young leaders of our respective schools:


*          That as true F.I. Youth we will live out the values of humility, simplicity, piety and solidarity with the poor to create a filial community guided by the grace of God and inspired by the charism of St. Candida.


*          That being the millennials: the dream of yesterday, the people of today’s generation, and the hope of tomorrow who amidst the challenges which the world is offering us, we will radiate Love by doing simple acts of kindness and living out the culture of listening in every situation we have in our lives.


*          That with Christ as the center, and as an hijo and hija, inspired by the charism of Mother Candida, we will be the “Pamatan-on nga may Taguipusu-on” full of mercy and compassion.


*         That despite troubles and danger we face as youth, we will use the opportunity as another way to become hope ourselves.


*          That we will put God at the center of our lives where hope is always there, believing and trusting both in God’s strength and our strength.  


*        That in order for us to achieve unity among ourselves we will accept each other’s differences, limitations and talents and use them for the benefit of the common good, so that, we can be a good example to our fellow youth in promoting unity in the midst of diversity.


*         That as an F.I Youth, we will live out with consistency the values learned  through evangelical activities and spiritual formation in order to achieve the common mission. Thus, we let God be the center of our lives by weaving threads of faith and positivity in ourselves so that we may be able to reach out compassionately to others.


We entrust ourselves to Mary Immaculate as our inspiration in making ourselves useful citizens of Church and society.


Afterwards, the Awarding Ceremony began. All schools were given the Certificate of Participation. All the delegates were given recognition and appreciation for their active participation during the assembly. To mark the end of this PGYA 2017, Sr. Emelinda gave information on where the next PGYA would be held.