MOP Brothers' Carolling at Manresa Retreat House Compound

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On December 18, at 4:30 P.M. Nineteen young brothers  belonging to the Missionaries of the Poor caroled the Sisters at Manresa Retreat House. They sang a medley of beautiful and lively Christmas songs accompanied by their animated and sprightly dancing mostly with a Latin Beat.

They were mostly young men from Indonesia who were attracted by the work of charity which was the charism of the congregation founded by an ex Jesuit novice based in Haiti.   The audience composed of the sisters from the Manresa compound, as well the young sisters from the Oriental Asia, appreciated their performance which was presented in the context of the Narrative of the Nativity of Jesus as was read from the Gospel of Matthew.

The Photos speak for themselves...

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The group ended their carolling with the kissing of the baby Jesus as they sang another Christmas carol. 

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