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This year, the sisters of Metro Manila had their annual gathering on Christmas Day itself, as we wanted to be together while Sr. Thelma, who will be leaving for Japan on the 27th, was still here.


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Choreographed Magnificat by the Postulants

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Song and Dance Numbers

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the games...

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There were games, presentations and exchange gifts, but what brought the house down was the "Christmas story" presentation of Candida Ma. de Jesus which was called “ the Nativity on wheels” as most of the participants where in their wheelchairs. (See photos below…)

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Mary and Joseph on their way to Bethlehem, (Baby covered - on wheels)


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Shepherd and Angel

IMG 2790

The walking Star of Bethlehem

IMG 2797

Followed by the three Magi on Wheels

IMG 2798

The camaraderie

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More than the activities, what the sisters enjoyed was each other’s' company, the stories that were exchanged, the fun and laughter that seemed non-stop for the two hours that we were together.