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January 27, 2018- With the theme, "God is a loving father, in Him we put our trust" the second day of the 3rd International Encounter of the Lay began with a morning prayer led by the Taiwan delegates.

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The first talk for this day was a very comprehensive yet moving one which was about charism and spirituality given by Sr. Raquel Amigot Goyena FI of Spain.

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 Then followed inspiring testimonies of Dr Linda Que (Philippines)

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and Brazilian  Sr Consola de Matos (Japan) on how the charism and spirituality  of St Candida influenced and impacted their lives.

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After lunch, group sharing followed to answer the questions, "What qualities of Jesus have you imbibed?" "What are the challenges I face in living out the charism in daily life and how do I respond to them?"

ABC Group

  Argentina,Bolivia,Cuba   at the Tahanan Receiving Room  

DomRep Group

Dominican Republic at the Memorabilia Room

             Taiwan Group

Taiwan at the Provincial's Meeting Room


                          España at the Herranz Hall 

PHIL Group1                          Philippines at the Refectory Gallery


Pihilippines-Japan Group at the Inmaculada Hall

another Phil-Japan Group         

Philippines, Japan  Group at the Porteria      

philippines 3rd Group

Philippines 3rd Group


  Brazil at the kiosk / garden

 Then reporting by each group followed. Below, Brazil and ABC and Philippines.

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Zilda Assis of Brazil





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Roger Perez Nieto of Colombia 

The votive mass in honor of Mo. Foundress was presided by Fr. Mario Pacheco, MCCJ. He emphasized on how the Hijas de Jesus congregation should continue to strive to be the salt and light of the world.

Fr. Mario

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That evening after dinner was time for the IEL delegates to have fun and get to know one another more...

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To taste some of our Filipino delicacies...

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IMG 3059

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But more importantly, it was also a time to nurture the child in play and laugh and be carefree...



Planting Rice

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Race to Holiness

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Maria went to town...



The evening ended with community singing...


"Binabago mo ako araw araw... Ngayon ...Bukas at Kailanman...Ang pag-ibig mo ay laging sapat"  



"Welcome to the Family, we're glad that you have come to share your life with us, as we grow in love and...

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May we always be to you  what God would have us be, a family always there...To be strong and to lean on...