Day 4 of I.E.L. in the Philippines


Day 4 - January 29, 2018 began with a beautiful and symbolic morning prayer led by the delegates from the Dominican Republic.






pools of thred

 spools of thread being passed on....




symbolizing how the charism and spirituality of St Candida connects and unites us her mission - our common goal binds us all together


The Theme of the day:  “Alone I can do nothing but with God I can do everything.”

Ma Inez

The first talk of the day was given by Mother General Sr. Maria Inez Furtado. who said that Shared Mission is not an option but a necessity and a calling for both lay and religious... allowing the Holy Spirit to let us do new things, not to blindly adhere to institutionalizing everything.

There were three sharers of their testimony on how they have lived "shared mission" as well as the challenges they encountered in fulfilling their roles. 


            Ms Aida Gomez of the Philippines - educator for more than 40 years...


               Oneida Rocha from Brazil - public servant and political activist...


             Jorge Manuel Palma of Spain - scientist, researcher and educator of more than 40 years.

giving of tokens to speakers

After lunch the delegates were instructed to spend personal quiet time for reflection and prayer.


personal ref

In the afternoon an open forum was conducted to give the participants a chance to express, clarify and ask questions to any of the speakers /sharers of the day. 





open forum


Holy mass was then then celebrated in honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The presider was Fr. Dave Dominguez, MCCJ.

Fr. Dave

IMG 7079



 Day 4 ended with socialization - facilitated by Spain delegates. It was another evening of fun and games called Bingo and Trip to Jerusalem...

IMG 7592

trip to Jerusalem