Philippine Province F.I. Team in Educative Action Gears Up


On March 26-28, 2018, members of the different committees of the Team on Educative Action came together for the orientation and program development in preparation for the implementation of unified program of activities in the different educative communities in the province. The encounter took place in Manresa Retreat House in Banawe, Quezon City.

 The three-day event opened with a reflective prayer facilitated by Sr. Emelinda Falsis, F.I. emphasizing the importance of the recognition of one’s role as a member of the Church, called to share and collaborate in His mission. The sessions include an orientation on the different committees’ duties and responsibilities as well as expected tasks to be done by each committee. These are followed by break- out sessions where each committee was given the time to chart its program of activities relative to their assigned area.

The activity aims to achieve the following objectives:

vDefine the duties and responsibilities of the committees and members o the team on educative action.

vDeepen oneself on and appreciate the meaning o shared mission

vValue the attitudes of teamwork and of trust and confidence to the Father.

vFormulate a committee plan.

Highlights of the event are as follows:

Day 1 March 26, 2018

Reflective Prayer

The reading from the book of the Ephesians 4:1-6         (Unity of the Spirit), and segments of Mother Foundress’ talk on Shared Mission were given as   take-off points to reflect on. The members’ reflection include the following:

            I am invited to respond to God’s invitation trusting in His plans for me completely, expanding my personal border beyond my limitations, my insecurities, my work, to include others in his bigger family and manifesting such invitation to unite with Him through my relationship with the people I work with and those whom I encounter.”

“To align my work, my heart, my mind, my words and actions with those of God’s, and to have a more mature understanding of things, and despite my doubts, my questions, I am willing to be formed according to God’s will.”

Sr. Thelma Barbarona, F. I. the provincial superior, shared significant points on “The Role of the Lay Faithful in the Church”. This was followed by a session on “Deepening on the Shared Mission, facilitated by Sr. Joji Silorio, F. I.

Individual committee discussions mark the afternoon activities as each group was asked to level off their understanding of the duties and responsibilities of the committees, and to give their comments on the matter, as well as edit and add other functions which they think are significant.

The members of each group were then asked to discuss each of the tasks given to the committees and brainstorm ideas on how to carry out such tasks.

Day 2 - March 27, 2018

Individual Committee Work

Each of the committees was given the time to continue discussing about their assigned tasks and to draft their proposed program of activities which can be implemented within a year’s time. Individual group work ensued in different assigned venues.

Day 3 - March 28, 2018

Presentation of Committee Plans

Each of the committees was given the time to share to the big group their plan of action, expected to be carried out in a year’s time.

The sessions culminated with a final prayer of thanksgiving for the positive turn-out of the activity.

Indeed, the three-day event marks a turning point in the educative system of the province in the Philippine region as it moves towards a more systematized implementation of a unified program of activities to be shared by its different academic institutions. As a concrete response to the call for active engagement in the shared mission, the members of the team in educative mission undertakes this responsibility to “walk the extra mile” and unite, for the greater good of its brothers and sisters in the evangelical mission, and for Gods greater glory.