The Sisters , Hostel girls with their guardians, staff and a representative from FASFI Carmen Mauri Garcia were together in REMEMBERING, PRAYING and THANKING GOD for the 150 years celebration of the EL ROSARILLO INSPIRATION OF MO. CANDIDA to FOUND THE CONGREGATION .We have also prayed for all the Hijas de Jesus as we BEGIN THE PREPARATION FOR THE GC XVIV .

We are also humbly and joyfully sharing with you that we are expecting 3 young women who expressed their desire to join Religious Life to come on April 14, for some days . They like start knowing our life and work and for us to start knowing them well. Please pray for Jenny Nokrek, Rumi Chisim and Tripti Chisim in their search for the will of God in their life .(photos of the searchers)

One with you in THANKSGIVING, JOY and  HOPE !