flower giving as a sign of their loving welcome

 Giving of flower as a sign of a loving welcome.

Last May 15 to 26, 2018,  Sr. Thelma Barbarona, F.I., as Provincial Superior had her  Canonical Visit  to Bangladesh. Regretfully, Mother General Maria Inez Furtado and her General Counsellor were not able to go.

 The visit of Sr. Thelma brought out the following personal impressions of the Sisters on the Canonical visit:

 v  The visit of Sr. Thelma helped us to enliven and adhere us to continue being active and participative in the coming 18th GC. Her presence also continuously unite us with all the Hijas de Jesus in the world and to become mindful of one another and to the life we inherited through St. Candida Ma. de Jesus. THAT WE ARE FULLY AND AUTHENTIC DAUGHTERS OF JESUS AND NOT OF THE WORLD.

 v  Her visit and person brought forth an honest and courageous confrontation of myself and us, as a community. This confrontation opens up to a process of experience towards authentic renewal of life.

 v  The Canonical visit of Sr. Thelma has recharged us as a community. It was so meaningful especially as we prepare for the GC XVIII. It shed lights on our questionings. It strengthened also our bonding and relationships with one another.

v  It was a reminder of who we are and what we are for in our mission; a reminder as Consecrated Hijas de Jesus to be always a BLESSING and JOY to all people regardless of race and religion.

 v  It was indeed a moment of spiritual upliftment for all of us in the community. . . I thank the Lord for the opportunity to gather together to share our missionary life’s journey here in Bangladesh.

 May our loving Father continue to bless us abundantly with every grace that we need as we face the daily challenges of being religious consecrated women in this part of the world.