Cebu – Mindanao Community Encounter 2018


The Cebu – Mindanao Community gathered last July 21 – 23, 2018 at Stella Maris Academy of Davao to start their journey together in this graced year.


On the first day, Sister Gette welcomed everyone in the assembly. The first matter tackled was the orientations on the role of the Encargada followed by some practical guidelines in the every day life of the sisters. There was a spontaneous and open sharing among the members of the community.

The following day, Sister Gette introduced the six guides ( A to F) that shall be used these coming months as we prepare for the forthcoming General Congregation. Sisters listened intently and were brought to deeper reflection when Guide A was given to all to work on. With the ample time that was provided and the atmosphere of prayer that prevailed, the fruits of the reflection shared in the afternoon were very sincere and heartfelt.

On the third day, everyone met at the conference room and was given another orientation on the election of delegates for the Provincial Congregation. The sisters spent time to pray and consider before the Lord the participants they will choose for the Provincial Congregation. When it was time to vote, the sisters joined together in prayer – the reading from the Acts of the Apostles was proclaimed followed by an article from the Constitutions. In silence, each sister placed her vote in an envelope and sealed it in the presence of everyone. Sister Gette counted the envelopes and then sealed it. After this, deep joy was experienced and everyone cheered. We ended the day by giving honor to our Lady by singing the Magnificat.

The first coming together of the Cebu – Mindanao community felt like a real coming home where once again we feel refreshed and renewed to commit ourselves to allow the Good Spirit to be the main protagonist of this seemingly familiar process but always ever new.



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