Life’s Direction Awareness @Sacred Heart of Jesus-Hijas de Jesus

VOc Prom Cebu

August 17, 2018

“I want to have time and space for God.” “I think, I need rest with the Lord.” It seems, I have been far from God, so I am here.” “I just want to try and see what God wants for me.” “I think, I need this, for I don’t know what I want and where to go.”


These are only few statements coming from among the young faculty and staff who attended the Life’s direction session held at SHS-Hijas de Jesus last August 17, 2018 .

Sr. Erna invited all the young and single women for the said session. Among them, there were eleven who responded to the invitation. Aware that they have so many paper works, tired from five consecutive days of various activities, they actively participated by entering into prayer with seriousness and sharing their present journey with openness and simplicity. They shared their dreams, plans, including their concerns, frustrations and questionings in life. They wondered why God brought them here in school. They eventually realized that they are here for a purpose. They expressed their gratitude to be members of the Hijas de Jesus family. They also expressed their desire to be closer to God.

Unexpectedly, they were inspired to open their life’s sacred pages. Underneath their stories, it is God’s guiding hand that is their hope and light.

Let us continue to pray for these eleven ladies whose desire is to grow more in their spiritual life and eagerly await for God’s visible route or direction, where God is calling them.