Reflection: Vocation Direction Awareness


"Lord, may I hear You speak and respond to You wholeheartedly every time. May I follow You wherever You lead." 

Last August 17 2018, Friday I had an opportunity to respond to a call from Him without hesitations, I said Yes. I told myself that this opportunity would surely be a life changing opportunity that God prepared me for. 

There were other 10 young women from the respective departments of Sacred Heart School-Hijas de Jesus who answered God's call to attend the said talk. To set the mood there was a brief introduction and we were asked by Sr. Erna, "Why are you here? What made you decide to attend this session?”. We had to think on our feet and we gladly shared our  reasons for being there. After the brief introduction we were then introduced to the different types of call or vocation. Sr. Erna answered some questions raised. She talked over the life of being a religious. She also introduced to us some of the apostolates or mission of the FI Sisters aligned to the charism of the congregation Hijas De Jesus sisters. 

As an output of the activity we were asked to enumerate what are the things that we value most that might somehow hinder us from answering God's call.  Most of us gave the reason that we are so engrossed in reaching our goals and too attached with our dreams that we tend to disregard God's call. 

We ended the day with the lesson engraved in our hearts that God is calling us everyday, to follow Him radically and completely in one way or another. The key is to recognize the voice of Jesus clearly and unmistakably.