SMAD’s “Holy Cross” in Celebration of the Year of Clergy and Consecrated Persons

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An Altar. A Crucifix. A Prayer. This is what the Stella Maris Academy of Davao’s Pastoral Ministry had prepared for their students in observance with the Church’s Year of the Clergy and Consecrated Persons. The said activity had its launching last June 18, 2018 providing three Crucifix that served as the Holy Cross and copies of the Prayer for the 2018 Year of the Clergy and Consecrated Persons.



Students were divided into three groups: Grades 1 to 4; Grades 5 to 8; and Grades 9 to 12. Each group were given One Holy Cross and One copy of the prayer which will be placed at their altar. The assigned section for one week will start their first period class by praying this so that the students will have the opportunity to utter a prayer for the religious community of our country.

After a week, the crucifix will be passed on to the next section until all will be able to pray for our fellow consecrated persons. This activity will run until November 2018.



Prayer for the 2018 Year of the Clergy and Consecrated Persons

O God Most Loving Father,

with your priests and those who consecrated their lives to you,

may they be our constant guides in this oneness with you

through prayer, the Eucharist and personal conversion.

We have sinned and we have failed in so many ways.

there are many brothers and sisters in our midst who continue to suffer.

they hunger for truth and justice, for charity and solidarity.

We pray that we may become bearers of the Gospel

that transforms lives as we reach out to our suffering brethren.

We pray that the Gospel may urge us to action,

to witness to charity and compassionate service.

Together may we all be renewed and learn how to be

Servant-Leaders for the Gospel of Christ.

Like him who rose from the table to wash the disciples' feet,

may we too rise up to the challenge to take care

of the poor and the weak, to be always approachable

rather than untouchable, and "to imbibe the odor of the sheep."

May our young people who are discerning the gentle call

of the Lord to serve, be filled with courage and determination

to follow you in service with humility and love.

With Mary, Star of the New Evangelization,

may we continue to be instruments of the Gospel

in our country and in the world.