AN EXPERIENCE OF GOD- 3rd Experience in the Novitiate

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Last July 15 to September 15, 2018, as part of the third experience in the novitiate, our novices had their assigned places - Celina to La Plata, Buenos Aires, and Crystal, to Monterrico, Jujuy.


They had varied involvements the schools, such as accompanying students and young men who desire to serve God in a special way as well as live the reality of their places they were in. It helped them adapt with the rhythm of the community in an apostolic mission, living with other sisters and interacting with other people. God had opened their eyes and heart how to collaborate with Him with a right motivation and a service that came from the heart.

They learned, in a concrete way, how to live the mission for the benefit of others and for the greater glory of God. As in the experience of Mother Candida, they faced their fears , and with the grace of God, to "salir de nuestro propio amor, querer e interés" for what was needed in the place where they were sent., moving with church, and collaborating in the mission entrusted to them.

They realized that everything is a grace and a gift from God who mold them little by little in their vocation as Hijas de Jesus.

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They were very grateful for such an enriching experience to all the people who had accompanied them with their prayers especially to the sisters of the community where they lived even for such a short time. It was truly a deep experience of God, through His Son, Jesus, their true treasure, who invites them to be more generous in their YES so that they can become channels of his great love to those to whom they are sent.