FIRE... Regional Encounter in Metro Manila


The much awaited FI regional encounter (FIRE) in Manila took place last September 21-22 at the Inmaculada Hall of Manresa Retreat House.  Other than the sisters of the Manila-Parañaque community and the Mater Dei-MRH community, some members of Tahanan Candida Ma. de Jesus, and Cebu-Mindanao also took part in it.

 Holiness as expounded in Gaudete y Exultate, reviewing the letter Keep Watch, listening to Sr. Georgette expound on the spirituality of the Social Apostolate, contemplative prayer on the realities of the poverty and misery of the poor - all these brought the sisters to a deeper reflection of what it means to live out our lives "for the good of our neighbors."

The presentations of ministries other than the schools, with a panel discussion afterwards was enriching.  Jokes and comments also brought the house down.  That is why FIRE is something that everyone looks forward to each year - for the inputs but for the fraternal communion that is all too evident when FIs in the Philippines gather together.


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