Noteworthy Sketch of Actions

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First day of December, cold and gloomy and yet we were blessed with raindrops and felt like sturdy beings of nature. Those moments gave me ecstatic smiles as I saw the willingness of each one of us to cooperate with the first ever team building activity within Senior High School students. We

dearly conspired a game that made us to converse with our brothers and sisters while we shared secrets and revealed some facts about ourselves. We filled the area with laughter and unity before we left for our next activity, the mangrove planting.

Mangrove planting was a new experience for me. Delighted by how it felt to soak my feet in muddy waters I thought planting would be just an easy-going process but then I was wrong.



Mangrove roots must be planted securely in the mud to let them stand against waves and strong wind and to do that, I needed to dig up deeper and wade in the mud. As I looked at those mangroves lining up and beaming with brilliant sunlight great awe and amazement filled my heart and a deep sense of gratitude to God lingered. What we had done on that day left echoes in my heart. It felt so good to have contributed, be it big or small, in preserving the beauty of nature that in the end, benefit the humanity. I could say, it was a wonderful year-end activity for us.


I am proud to have a "Noteworthy Sketch of Actions" etched in my mind that reminds me that when we do something great the memory of it never fades.