Manresa School Welcomes the Partnership with Shotuku – Gakuin High School

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        Mrs. Megumi Kajita Coleman's welcomes to Manresa          

       In promoting strong collaboration with other schools and partners in education, Manresa School welcomes the partnership with Shotuku – Gakuin High School.

The visit of Mrs. Megumi Kajita Coleman at Manresa School last January 30 to February 1, 2019 was a revival of the partnership with Shotuku- Gakuin High School in the past years. The two day visit to Manresa School was a meaningful experience for the educative community. The fruitful encounter of Ms. Megumi with the F.I. Sisters and school personnel made her happy. Hence, the campus tour, classroom observations, articulation meeting with the administration, sharing of best practices, general student assembly, and Ms. Megumi’s personal encounter with some teachers and students which were all part of the benchmarking activity had given a great impact on us because of the strong sense of community spirit.

     As we humbly welcome the partnership with Shotuku – Gakuin High School in this opportunity, we are very much affirmed of the strong collaboration of the two schools in the mission of Christ through our Catholic education. The visit of Mrs. Megumi Kajita Coleman made us all believe that we may differ in our educational styles but we have one clear vision – mission and that is to bring Jesus Christ to all children and youth through our Catholic education. Her last words to Manresan students inspired everyone when she emphasized “Study hard and do your best always”. The shared mission is absolutely present in us. This legacy is something we hold dearly in our hearts as lay partners of the Hiijas de Jesus Congregation.  

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