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"Alone I can do nothing but with God I can do everything." In our theology class, one of our performance tasks was to conduct a Social Apostolate Exposure where we will be interacting with the least of the society. Everyone was excited because this would be our first time to conduct and participate in this kind of activity. Sister Jeck, our theology adviser, gave us sneak peeks of what to expect on our Exposure

through short films that exposed us to the realities concerning the lost, least, and last in our society. She also guided us in every step of our preparations – from the planning, assigning of tasks, to conducting of the activities. We were oriented mentally, physically and spiritually for the task ahead of us. Our preparation was not a one-man team. Everyone participated in ways where we can manifest our giftedness. The dancers prepared a dance presentation to entertain the community. Others gave catechism for the children through a role play of the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ, while others offered to help in preparing the gift packs for the community. Despite of the excitement, fear and doubt was present during our preparations but knowing that what we were about to do was for the greater glory of God, we were at ease.

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"Where there is no room for my poor, there is no room for me." On December 7, 2018, we made our way to Sitio Lutong Uno, Barangay Morobuan to conduct our social apostolate exposure. The experience exposed us to the realities of poverty which are present in our country. The community welcomed us without any hesitation. We were assigned to a family that would be our foster family for a day. Despite of their condition, they welcomed us with open arms and hearts. They treated us like a family not a stranger. From this we were amazed, we saw in them that no matter how hard life is we must still be grateful for the things that we have rather than dwell on things that we can't have. Living with them for a short period of time taught us that we do not need to live an extravagant life to be happy because if we are contented with what we have that is happiness.

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Live in order to suffer, and suffer out of love. When we were about to leave, the people in the community had this grateful smile and our classmates had this vibrant look on their faces. Everyone shared their experiences with their foster families. Even with the short period of time we were able to connect with our foster families and developed a bond with them. The community waved their goodbyes with thankful faces and we do the same as we journeyed back to our school on the morning of December 8, 2018. On our way back to school, we again shared about our experience and we looked back to the smiles that the children had during the program and how much they enjoyed it. It was really overwhelming to see that everyone had a memorable learning experience during our exposure. Kapatid sa Kapwa was so real with the people of Lutong. They have taught us to appreciate more the life that we have with our own families and above all, God and our families are the only love that matters to make use happy. Our Social Apostolate Exposure was not just simply a performance task but an experience of faith, with the guidance of Mother Candida, we encountered the Lord Jesus through other people and be like Jesus to them especially to those who are lost, last, and least in our society.
"In Jesus we have everything, without Him everything we have is lost."

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