Day 0 FI. National Youth Assembly

F.I. National Youth Assembly 2019,
"Youth on the MOVE: Live, Love, Lead like Jesus"

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Today is a remarkable and joy-filled day as the National Youth Assembly commences. Delegates from different FI. schools in the Philippines, as well as from Taiwan and Japan are welcomed with pleasant smiles and heartwarming hugs.

 The registration of participants begins at 7:00 am. Then the delegates put up their two- year action plans and exhibit outputs. Then the formal opening program with welcome, throwback and getting-to-know+you activities follow beginning with a beautiful and meaningful prayer by Mr. Michael Clitar which appropriately set the mood of the National Youth assembly, articulating well the theme: " Youth on the MOVE: Live, Love, Lead like Jesus". Hence, it is worth sharing with you:

Dearest Father,
Ever-living and ever-loving, You never failed to lead us to love in this life that you gave. You called us to gather here in this very special event of our lives as young people.
Inspired by Blessed Antonia Bandres, whose holy death a hundred years ago we commemorate this year, may you ignite in our hearts the charism of St. Candida Ma. de Jesus and our mark as part of this shared mission: to be brothers and sisters to our fellow human beings.
In your great mercy, You sent Jesus, Your Son, who grew up as a young man among the youth, became an example for the youth, and consecrated the youth to You.
Look kindly upon our youth of today, surrounded with many challenges in life. Preserve them from the seductions and false allurements of the world. May they find healing and consolation in Mary, whom You have given us as our Mother.
We pray that Mary's "yes", become their pattern in following Your Will. Grant them the wisdom to discern what pleases You and the courage to choose it.
May this National Youth Assembly be an occasion for the young people whom you called to gather here to find joy in serving their fellow youth, the Church and the World. May they be instruments of grace to others, especially in their own families. May all those involved - organizers, administrators, collaborators, and delegates - remain united in Jesus, and, in Him, become fruitful.
Together with Mary, may we all proclaim, "We are servants of the Lord, let it be done to us according to His Word."  Amen.