Day 2 of the National Youth Assembly

"Shared Mission Ignites Generosity to Share"
(January 28, 2019)

A sunny but cold Tuesday morning greet the NYA participants who started the day giving thanks to the Lord in the Holy Eucharist. The presider, Fr. Churis Caraga, SDB. Challenges the youth in his homily to reach out to others and serve not only within the family of the Hijas de Jesus but also in their respective communities.

The Eucharistic celebration is a very good jumpstart for the day's events that are centered on the sense of mission and volunteerism. The resource speaker, Mrs. Florilou V. Pantallano emphasizes the Shared Mission in the Context of the Youth that the mission itself is Jesus Christ, and each one is called to share in HIS mission according to his/her own capacity, vocation, and realities in life. She reminds each one that through baptism, one becomes the child of God, thus shares in His mission. Personal reflection and journal writing activities follow after talk. The short but meaningful orientation on Volunteerism ignites the enthusiasm of the youth to affiliate themselves in the various activities of the concurrent sessions. They actively engage in the specific activities done in Photography, T-shirt Printing Baking, Arts and Crafts, Calligraphy, Organic Products Making, Candle Making, and First Aid Training. Outputs of some of the activities are packed and wrapped together with the other goods ready to be shared to the identified less fortunate families in Calawisan, Lapu-lapu City. Indeed, the activities of the day provide opportunities for the youth to explore their individual gifts and develop more their creativity while keeping the goal in mind to come up with something that is worth sharing to those who are in need. Mission and Service become real to the NYA participants through the day's activities.
With youthful energy, the participants as well as their chaperones fire up the night with their unique talents that they joyfully share to everyone. They realize their own uniqueness and giftedness as shown in their performances like fire dancing, playing musical instruments and singing. And just like any other joyous events, different kinds of foods are served for everyone to have a taste of the special delicacies from Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao, Taiwan, and Japan.
With deep gratitude in everyone's heart, the long day is capped with Praise and Worship to the Source of infinite blessings, the greatest Model of Service and the Mission Himself - Jesus.