February 21-22, 2019 - The Team on Educative Action (TEA) coordinator, Sr. Emelinda "Lyn" Falsis, F.I. with the approval and support of Sr. Thelma Barbarona, F.I., the Indico-Pacific Provincial Superior, spearheaded the second FI. - Lay joint formation in Manresa Retreat House, Quezon City.

This was participated in by the members of the TEA, the Local Superiors, RCA, principals, and treasurers of the different F.I. schools and Centers.

The objectives of the event were: 1. To conduct evaluation of the enhanced organizational structure. 2. To study and reflect on the letters of Mother Candida. The reflective evaluation of the Enhanced Organizational Structure and the honest sharing emphasize the importance of continuous review and discernment to clarify the roles of persons in the service of authority, and to improve coordination and communication that will guarantee more effective procedures and better services in the daily operations of the different apostolic centers.

The first day of the joint formation took a wonderful turn as the sisters and lay feasted on the celebration of the gift of life in the persons of Sr. Lyn and Sr. Irene. A sumptuous dinner was partaken in a dinner just a walking distance from Manresa Retreat House. In high spirits, the participants engaged in lively conversations throughout dinnertime.

The second day of joint formation went full throttle with the reflective readings and conversations on the letters of Mother Foundress, St. Candida Maria de Jesus. Sr. Cathy Cheong, F.I. skillfully directed this session. The letters of Mother Candida revealed to us her humanity, and her intimate relationship with God as a Loving Father, Provider, and Protector. Her person as unveiled by her letters to her dear friends, sisters, as well as to students and alumna of Hijas schools were woven with the same fabric and message calling us all to be holy- to conform us to the person of Jesus who is the image of the Father, and One who models for us to be true children of God.

The joint formation ended with the note of hope and inspiration that the participants brought with them to their respective schools and places of shared mission.







The celebrants, Sr. Lynn and Sr. Irene with Sr. Georgette and Sr. Thelma