Shotoku Gakuin And Manresa School Hit It Off Again!

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The global aspiration of Saint Candida, “I will go to the uttermost part of the world in search of souls”, remains viable despite technological challenges.

The online interactionOIheld last March 6, from 11:15 AM –12:30 NN (Japan time) evidently showed that distance and diversity in cultures were not hindrances for a mission but could be enriching experiences. It was an unconventional way to communicate, but thanks to God He bonded us together in this event.Thirty students from the 2nd Grade Junior High School of Shotoku High School, and twenty five students from the 7th Grade of Manresa School, together with four delegates from the National Youth AssemblyNYAparticipated in the said 2019 OI.

Shotoku Students’ Topic

Manresa students’ Topics

Group 1 Kimono & Japanese Sweets

Filipino Delicacies (Output of Gr.7 THE class)

Group 2 Japanese Origami

Filipiniana Costumes and Dances (PE class PT)

Group 3 Japanese Expressions

Filipino Songs (Music class PT)

Group 4 Japanese Comic (manga)

Popular Filipino greetings /NYA delegates sharing

Group 5 Daily Schedule in a Japanese School System

School life of Manresa

daily school schedule and regular activities

Ms. Misaki Nishikori (Japan) and Mr. Alester Carreon, (Philippines) facilitated the program. It started with Greetings, then Self-Intro of students and teachers. Mr. Francis Yamamoto, Principal (Japan) made the Welcome Remarks and Ms. Concepcion Bayais, MS Junior High School Assistant Principal (Philippines), delivered the Closing Remarks. The conversation proper lasted for about two hours with the Question and Answer. In the Concluding part, MS group sang “In Jesus We Have Everything” while the Japanese group sang “Hana wa Saku” which means, “Flowers Bloom”, depicting hope and peace after the devastating earthquake at Tohoku eight years ago. The topics conversed were as follows:

It was a delightful experience for Japanese students to speak in English and make friends with MS students. Some had thought of improving their English so they could express their opinions well. Other students were glad to learn Philippine expressions and culture. Moeka, (Shotoku student) commented, “OI is a good experience. I learned to dream big. I realized that I want to use English in my future job. During our preparation, I learned that helping each other in my group was very important.”

Regardless of the many words written by students, one thing is clear – the OI paved the way to strengthen the fraternal friendship not just of the two schools but also among our students. This is a friendship for education. This is an education for the mission. And, this is the mission of education. Thanks to Saint Candida for the gift of the mission thru Education!

Photos, to follow...